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Hormone Health Certification

I’m so excited to share my new certification!

Issued By

Institute for Integrative Nutrition

To earn this badge, graduates must demonstrate an understanding of hormonal imbalances and nutrition and lifestyle modifications that can promote health and improved balance. Badge holders can properly work alongside medical professionals to provide complimentary wellness services from within their scope of practice. Graduates are able to better inform and empower their clients on how to achieve optimal health.

Demonstrated Skills

Hormone balance, Bio-individuality, Blood Sugar, Balancing, Coaching Skills, Detoxification, Endocrine System, Environmental Toxins, Health Protocolos, Herbal Remedies, Hormone Balance, Knowledge of Conditions, Lifestyle Modification, Nutrition, Education, Reproductive Health, Sexual Health, Special Diets, Stress Management, Supplementation Support, Blood testing

Earning Criteria

Badge holders must graduate from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s Hormone Health Course Badge holders must demonstrate knowledge of the endocrine system and hormones secreted by these glands, the most common hormonal imbalances and their related conditions, the connection between hormone health, gut health, and overall health, reproductive anatomy and health, the menstrual cycle, how to support fertility and healthy pregnancy, diets and nutrition to support balance, supplementation, detoxification, scope of practice, and basic knowledge of lab and at-home testing options. To retain this badge, graduates must remain in good financial standing with IIN.


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