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Hormone balancing foods

The word is out, and more and more people are understanding the direct and powerful impact food has on our health. The foods we eat play a HUGE role in hormone balance. Our hormones are made using amino acids from protein and fatty acids from fats. The better quality materials (food) we use, the better quality hormones our bodies create. Variety is equally important! Every type of food has a different structure and offers a different group of micronutrients. To keep our systems balanced, we need everything in the right amounts. Too much of one micronutrient can throw off the balance of another. This is why the same healthy food day in and day out, is actually not healthy. Two important categories of hormone balancing foods are clean proteins and healthy fats.

Clean Protein

• Grass fed meats (beef, lamb, buffalo, bison)

• Wild-caught fish (salmon, mackerel, tuna and sardines)

• Pasture-raised chicken and turkey

• Organic eggs

• Organic lentils and beans

Healthy Fats

• Olive oil

• Coconut oil , coconut milk, and coconut butter

• Grass-fed ghee or butter (unless sensitive to dairy)

• Animal fats from grass-fed animals

• Avocados

• Nuts and seeds

• Nut and seed butters

• Organic dairy from cows, goats, or sheep (full fat cheese, full fat raw milk, kefir)

• Fish oil and cod liver oil


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