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5 Proven Ways to Biohack Goals, Research-based Strategies That Work

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Hi friends! Tuesday 1/14/20 @ 1 pm CST, I will be leading a podcast/webinar for Fitspot Wellness Please join me! #tuneintuesday

I'm going to be talking about science-backed, proven, actionable steps that can be taken to biohack your 2020 goals.

Statistics around making new year goals happen are pretty dismal. In fact, one study by the Journal of Clinical Psychology showed that about 54% of people who make a resolution fail to keep it up past 6 months. Further, and probably even worse is that most people make the same resolutions or goals 10 times without success.

This is why I love wellness and life coaching so much. Biohacking goals is the epitome. I frequently have clients that have tried everything. In this age of information, they know exactly what to eat, how to work out, what they want to achieve, but still aren’t accomplishing their goals. These steps take time and effort, but I’ve seen it with many clients, and with myself, these are the steps to make your goals come true.

Before you start, take a step back and analyze.

Analyze- Audit your calendar from the year before. Sit down really analyze the previous year, and find everything you accomplished, that you want more of. These can be the goals you achieved or the things you want more of. These can be new clients, date nights, jobs, or work you completed that paid off financially or emotionally. Write down how you got them. There are many good resources out there on how to do this.

You can also write down pitfalls, things you don’t want to repeat. This will help with intention.

Ask yourself: How many hours do I want to work every day? What would my dream mornings look like? How often do I want to work out each week? When am I most productive? How important is it to practice daily self-care? What is my intention behind this goal? Brainstorming and reflecting are critical components to biohacking goals.

Chances are this will help set meaningful, intentional goals. AND the parameters for accomplishing them. At the very least analysis helps set the intention, and intention is where the magic lives.

Visualize - Look at it - Create a goal you can actually see (try vision boarding in bullet journal) A bullet journal is where you take a blank notebook or one with light grid dots and create your own pages. The beautiful thing about this is that it is uniquely yours. You can create calendar pages, goal trackers, glue in pictures or visualizations of your goals, make gratitude pages. It’s really endless what you can put it there. You can search bullet journal on Pinterest. It’s important to remember that most of us aren’t artists and it likely not going to look like the Pinterest ones, but it’s yours, it's you. So it’s better.

Putting your vision board into a journal helps to break it up. Many people abandon their goals because they are just too big. Let’s say your goal is to lose 50 lbs. Losing 10 might not feel like an accomplishment. Start by celebrating those daily victories and setting micro-goals. A smaller goal might start by increasing your water intake every day, for a week. Once there’s a success, it’s easier to build on this. Maybe the next goal is to stop eating at 6 pm. Write it in the calendar pages of your bullet journal, tell everyone in your house, and have a backup.

Vision boards and bullet journals are all the rage these days and there's a reason why. I have a client who has the best vision, she comes up with SMART goals, yet it wasn’t translating into accomplishing her business goals. So during a session, I asked her if she had ever considered creating a vision board specifically for her business?

She did it, and it began working. Having a vision board or calendar specifically for your business can also be a fun effective way to uncover what you desire your business to look and feel like, and where you want to focus your attention. Especially if you find yourself too much in your head. Spending time reconnecting with your bigger mission through imagery can be incredibly rewarding.

Publicize - Tell people - Post it on social, tell your co-workers, friends, and family. This creates accountability. Tell everyone and write it down everywhere. Write it down and write it down daily. Dr. Gail Matthews, professor of psychology, did a study and she discovered that we are actually 42 times more likely to complete our goals if we write them down. Write it in your bullet journal, write it on post its, post it on social.

Let’s say you are like a lot of my clients, and your goal is to have more energy, enough energy so that you can accomplish all your other goals. Write down several high-vibe affirmations and post them everywhere. Drink and eat organic foods that provide natural energy like matcha or Peruvian maca root. Listen to upbeat music, mute negative friends on social. Follow motivational people, comment or interact with them. Listen to happy playlists. Send updates to a friend.

The American society of training and development found that you actually have a 65 percent chance of completing a goal if you commit to someone. If you actually have a specific accountability appointment with someone else. It can increase your chances up to 95 percent. Find a wellness coach, an accountability coach, a life coach, or a really positive friend.

I see this over and over in the clinic. Those patients who schedule in advance and then come in for their weekly sessions are much more successful than those who try to go it alone and come in once or twice a month. I cringe a little inside when I hear, "I’ll call and schedule later", rather than setting the appointment before leaving because their success probability just dropped a little.

Schedule the time and place to make it happen. It’s not magic, if it’s not on the calendar, it’s not happening. Here’s the other one I see with clients often, it actually gets on the calendar, but then they’re not checking their calendars. Check your calendar daily. Deciding in advance where you will take action, will actually double or triple your chances. If it’s not scheduled it’s not real.

Publicly immersing yourself in your scheduled goal can help you achieve it, and according to the research, this is the sure-fire strategy!

Recognize - Stay Positive! Recognize and celebrate all the little successes along the way. Too many times I hear it’s not going fast enough or I wanted more, but this is unproductive and research shows you are more likely to quit if you don’t feel successful or confident. This is one of the few times where fake it till you make it actually IS positive.

I have clients who lose 20 lbs in three weeks, and they are still so hard on themselves. I hear things like, "but my goal was 40 and I only lost 20". Yet, their blood sugar has stabilized, and their clothes are fitting better, their eyes are clearer, and they have so much more energy. Recognize yourself for the steps you are taking, and all the mico goals and accomplishments that are happening along the way.

Just remember, that day by day nothing changes, but when you look back, everything is different.

Customize - a wellness plan that is specifically suited to you. You can’t and won’t achieve any goals if you are not well. Have a customized health and nutrition plan. Drink plenty of water, take your supplements, get enough sleep, make daily time for spirituality, exercise, prioritize self-care, spend time with people who make you happy, and laugh, a lot. Practice habit stacking to gradually incorporate these. AND of course, all of these customized goals can be analyzed, visualized, publicized, and recognized.

My name is Zina, and you can find daily wellness information other biohacking wellness tips @honey_and_happiness


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